Best PTC Sites To Make Money


PTC sites make money by providing advertisers with the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers. In other words, PTC websites sell advertising space on their platform.

That is when you come to play and earn money by viewing those ads. It is a two-way relationship where everybody benefits. You by providing your time, and advertiser by putting their products in front of you and possibly gaining a new client. And then you make money for being ready to click ads.

All these top PTC websites are free to join, so if you are in a situation that you need money right away, you can start hustling in these sites and make some pocket money.


Coinpayu is a free reward platform where you can earn bitcoin by viewing advertisements or doing offers. It has a Trustpilot review of 4.4, which is excellent. This PTC website is the best to earn bitcoin.

They also have outstanding customer service, which is super relevant if you ever need help.

People all over the world are welcome to join them since there are no restrictions on any country. The only condition they have is accepting their terms of service and privacy policy. Take a look at the table for reference on Coinpayu withdrawal requirements.

You can earn by clicking ads and referencing advertisers and earners.

Join Coinpayu HERE


Neobux is another popular site to complete tasks and earn money. It is the second oldest website in the PTC market. They are paying people for the last 10 years and gained trust from the people.

They have an outstanding review in Trustpilot of 4.9 out of 2900 plus reviews. This is something remarkable.

Here you have also multiple job options available. Firstly, the most famous one is the ads click.

They offer different ways to make money to click ads like Extended Exposure, Standard Exposure, Mini Exposure, Micro Exposure, Fixed Advertisements.

Adprize is another way to earn extra money on Neobux. Here you can earn somewhere between $0.25 to $50. It is a game where you need to watch as many ads as you can and you will get a chance to play higher paying games. As you will play the game, you will earn money.

There are some more jobs available on this site to earn money such as categorizing products, find info about some company, and finding the author of a particular website post.

For completing these jobs you can earn easily somewhere between $0.01 to $0.1. You just need to click on "mini jobs" tab on your dashboard and you can start this easy work.

The minimum cash out amount is $2 on the first cash out. This amount will be increased by $1 for the next cash out until it reaches $10. This means your second minimum cashout limit will be $3, then $4, and so forth until $10.



Scarlet-clicks They have 1059704 members and have paid more than 2.4 million to people that use the platform to click ads and recommend friends to join the party.

You can also earn here by completing offers. It is something similar to other websites. You can easily get your payment after earning at least $2. Here you can get your money in your Skrill, Neteller, and perfect money account. You can also buy bitcoins with your money here.

You can become their affiliate and earn commissions of up to 100% referral. You can also rent affiliates for a period of time and make extra money.

Their standard price per click is $0.01. That makes Scarlet Clicks a high-paying PTC website. So you can earn $10 after 1000 clicks.

When you land on their website, go to the Earn More section, and you will see that you won't be short of options to click and earn money online.

Join Scarlet Clicks


Paidverts is a great PTC website where you can earn from $0.005 up to $200 by watching 30 seconds of advertisements. It's a real and trusted site which is paying thousands of dollars for many years. It's operated by MyTrafficValue.

You can earn a good amount of money if you can really work hard. You need to give time to this website. As long as you will work, you will increase your revenue per click.

You can receive your payment by various methods and easily can get your money. Here you can withdrawal using PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, etc. You just need to have an email account to register here and you can start your work.

Join PaidVerts


Optimalbux is easy to navigate. This top PTC website has a clean, trustworthy appearance.

Optimabux offers as much as $0.001 per click. This means that to make a dollar, you will have to click 1000 times. In order to earn $10, you will be clicking 10000 times.! This is totally doable.

You can earn by completing simple tasks like visiting advertisements, referring friends, and promoting their site. So there is plenty of ways to earn extra money.

To withdraw your payments, they require you have a minimum balance of $5. That means that you need to earn $5 before you can access your money.

Join Optibux Now


Gptplanet is a well established PTC site with over 833,630 members as of 2022 and has paid out over 1.5 million to its members in its lifetime.

Joining is absolutely free and without geographical restrictions. No matter where you live, you are welcome to join their platform.

You can earn as much as $0.01 per click. This means that to make $10 with Gptplanet, you will need to click 1000 times, basing my calculation on the payment advertised.

You can withdraw your money as soon as you have earned $1. They use Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer, and Bitcoin to transfer your funds.

You can earn by viewing advertisements, referring new members, and completing offers.