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Sunnydaze Floral Tiered Solar Power Outdoor Water Fountain, 40 Inch Tall

Vendor: Serenity Health

Those seeking a classically designed water feature will appreciate this "floral" solar power outdoor fountain. With a mauve/brown color and antique finish, each poyresin and fiberglass unit is decorated with a scalloped border and embossed leaves; a floral topper adds overall charm and gives a "Roman" feel that will match many yard-decor themes. When on, water burbles out of the bloom-like topper, collects in the central basin, and then overflows out of formed channels into the bottom basin, where it then recirculates via the submerged pump. This fountain can operate on solar or battery power: In good sunlight, the pump is powered by the panel while the battery pack collects and stores a charge. If it is cloudy or nighttime, the battery activates and provides power; when fully charged, it can do so for as many as 4 hours. When the batteries are depleted, the system automatically attempts to draw power from the solar panel, and will resume running once the sun come out.

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