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Sunnydaze Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights, Two Stream Tiered Rock, 15 inch

Vendor: Serenity Health

A stunning natural home-decor piece, this indoor rock-ledge-inspired table water fountain can sit on a desktop, coffee table, shelf or other flat surface. It resembles shale-like stacked rocks or stones, and is ideal for massage and yoga studios thanks to its organic appearance and tranquil, meditative water sounds. Rendered in shades of gray, brown and ivory, it is lightweight and has a textured surface, and tiny pebbles in the bottom of each pool enhance its earthy appeal. The multi-colored LED lighting in the lowest pond illuminates the water with a rainbow of color. Water cascades from the top tier down two channels, finally flowing into in the single bottom basin before recirculating via a submersible electric fountain pump. The padded base ensures that surfaces won't be scratched.

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