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Sunnydaze Cascading Tri-Step Tabletop Fountain with LED Light, 5.5-Inch

Vendor: Serenity Health

Rectangular and wider than it is tall, this modern, yet primitive low-profile indoor tabletop fountain quietly passes water down a series of three gradually tiered channels in a river-like manner, or that of an aqueduct, with water initially flowing from a painted metallic copper spout at the unit's top. Underwater LED lights cause the water to dance and sparkle, and cast glimmering shadows on nearby objects and surfaces. This unique waterfall fountain is made of lightweight resin painted shades of brown, tan, beige and ivory. Create serenity with your indoor home decor thanks to this unique, peaceful, and sculptural decorative piece. A great gender-neutral gift item, ideal for tabletops or desktops (and sure to please your boss).

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