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Sunnydaze Dark Gray Stone Pillar & Silver Bowls Solar Power Outdoor Water Fountain, 27 Inch Tall

Vendor: Serenity Health

Add style to any outdoor area, garden, or patio with this fountain, which features a pair of cast bowls set atop stepped platforms. Made from weather-resistant polyresin and fiberglass, the unit's exterior is metallic silver/grey and textured like spackle; shiny interior black column forms have a lacquer-like finish and white speckles that add visual interest. When engaged, water fills the top bowl, pours into the second bowl, and then into the central pillar via cast spouts. It is then collects until it overflows, and finally trickles down the side of the central pillar before recirculating via a submerged pump. In strong sunlight, the pump uses solar power, while the battery pack collects and stores a charge. When it becomes cloudy or dark, the battery pack engages and powers the unit, for as many as 4 hours when fully charged. If the batteries are empty, the system will automatically attempt to draw power from the solar panel, and will resume running and collecting/storing power in the battery pack once the sun comes out.

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