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Sunnydaze Cast Iron Drop Biscuit and Muffin Pan, Indoor or Outdoor Camping Cookware, Pre-Seasoned

Vendor: Serenity Health

Bring back the memories of baking with grandma with a new Sunnydaze Cast Iron Muffin Pan. With little effort, perfectly shaped biscuits or muffins are made in no time! Made from durable cast iron, the seven 3" x 1" muffin molds can retain heat better than most aluminum or ceramic pans which allows for more evenly cooked food. With an oven-safe temperature up to 330 degrees farenheight, bring the cooking fun inside the comforts of home, or take the cooking outside as this pan can also be used over an open campfire. The 2 multi-use handles allow for easy transportation and maneuvering and can also be used to hang the cookware while not in use.

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