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Sunnydaze Set of 2, 20 Foot 30-Count LED Solar Powered String Lights Outdoor Water Drop, Red

Vendor: Serenity Health

These water drop shaped solar light strings come with a panel, solar rechargeable battery, and a string of lights that are perfect for decorating any outdoor space including the front porch, patio, back yard, furniture, or a wedding tent. You can stake the panel into the ground or mount it on a wall. Because these are rated for outdoor use you can use them year-round. If the panel receives 6-8 hours of full direct sunlight, the lights are capable of operating for 7-8 hours in the evening after the sun goes down so you can enjoy them throughout the night. Also, with the dual mode button, you can choose to have the lights shine steady, or you can make them flash with the push of a button.

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