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Negotiating for Tax Relief

Receiving a letter or other type of contact with the Internal Revenue Service can be scary and intimidating – especially if you don’t know or understand your options. Never ignore the problem, but meet it head-on. Hoping it will just go away isn’t an option. Written correspondence from the IRS is a red flag that…

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Are You in a Debt Spiral?

A debt spiral is pretty much like a bad nightmare where you’re falling into nothingness and can’t get yourself out of it. Many people go through debt spirals in their lifetime because of unforeseen expenses, loss of a job or medical crisis. Sometimes it’s by no fault of your own that the debt spiral occurs,…

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How to Deal with Debt Collectors

Those harassed by debt collectors often panic from the pestering. Constant phone calls, being abusive on the phone, calling at work or late at night are not acceptable and should not be tolerated. If you have an outstanding bill and are being harassed by debt collectors, you should know your rights. For example, ask for…

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